”Gulliver” International Animation Festival 2023

Teatrul de Papusi Gulliver, Galati


Starting from the 22nd until the 27th of May, "Gulliver" Theatre for Children and Youth from Galati, Romania, in partnership with the Municipality of Galati and Galati Local Council, will organize the XXIXth edition of ”Gulliver” International Animation Festival, one of the most prestigious and important festivals in the country.

The program of the festival includes both national and foreign performances, as well as numerous creative workshops for children and youth, artistic and cultural events such as book launches, workshops, exhibitions and also evening shows for all types of audiences.

Consequently, the program of ”Gulliver” Festival is organized in three distinct sections:

  1. The competitive section – which includes performances, both Romanian and international, played in the main hall of the theatre and in the Studio hall. These are the shows that compete for the prizes awarded by the jury of the festival.
  2. The OFF Section (non-competitive section)

This section is composed by Romanian shows performed in the evening, for all types of audiences (performances that address ages and members of the entire family). The aim of this sectiom is to bring together and present to the public the most notorious, appreciated and exquisite actors and performances of the moment, thus offering a distinct added value to the festival.

In addition, this section also include numerous outdoor activities that take place in unconventional locations, such as the Public Garden, parks, shopping centers. These activities involve handling puppets demonstrations, puppets parade, special workshops that teach children and youth how to create and handle puppets or educational workshops that develop communication and emotional skills for children and youth through theatre, various creative and artistic activities, interactive games, bubble shows etc.

  1. The outdoor section - comprises activities that aim to animate children and participants in the festival by means of using mascots, clowns, superheroes or other attractive characters, face painting and balloons modelling workshops and free outdoor performances. All these activities are free of charge and take place in the Central Park of the city. Both state theatres and private theatre companies are welcome to apply for this section, which is intended to become an independent outdoor theatre festival itself, in the near future.

The specific structure and character of the festival attracts every edition extensive audiences of ages ranging from 3 to 70 years and it is estimated that this year there will be over 10.000 participants. This is also resulted from the fact that ”Gulliver” International Animation Festival brings together important theatre guests and personalities, as well as major representatives of both national and local media and publications.

Moreover, taking into consideration the recent change of the official name from ”Gulliver” Puppet Theatre into ”Gulliver” Theatre for Children and Youth, the current edition of the festival aims to emphasieze precisely the role theatre plays within the education, evolution and development of the adolescent, focusing on the importance of art, culture and theatre to building a healthy and strong youth identity.

Accordingly, this aspect will also be reflected in the selection of shows that will make up the program of the festival, with a larger number of shows especially designed for this specific group of audience. These shows represent a unique experience young people need to complete their cognitive, emotional, psychological and aesthetic personal world.

”Gulliver” International Animation Festival is celebrating this year its 29th edition and it is definitely expected with keen interest, being one of the greatest and significant cultural local events.

More info about ”Gulliver” Festival and its previous editions are available on the following links:

http://www.teatrul-gulliver.ro/ and www.facebook.com/TeatrulGulliver/

In order to apply to ”Gulliver” International Animation Festival 2023, applicants are required to  submit the following materials:

  • Application form – download HERE
  • 5 photos of the show (jpg.)
  • DVD / full video link of the show 
  • Technical rider

The above mentioned materials should be sent to e-mail: contact@teatrul-gulliver.ro

Deadline for applications: March 25th, 2023.

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